Rooted in Wellness Campaign

The Eight Dimensions of Wellness 

Our campaign is focusing on messaging related to the eight dimensions of Wellness which includes: Financial, Social, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, Occupational, Intellectual, and Environmental. This will be a year-long campaign, as we will highlight one Dimensions of Wellness each month. We encourage you to check back each month for up to date information and worksheets regarding each of our dimensions of wellness. 

The foundation of the campaign is the “tree” which takes on multiple different aspects that can be related to life and the obstacles we face, but how we can continue to grow.

You can access our Full Campaign Tool Kit PDF here, and more information on each dimension of wellness will be available below.

Rooted In Wellness on The Valley Today

We have partnered with the Valley Today. Each month we will discuss the different dimensions of wellness with specialists in those fields. You can follow along with our Playlist on Spotify!

Yard Signs

If you would like a Yard Sign please contact us with your location and which sign you would like. If you want more than one sign please also let us know how many you would like. 

"One single color may not seem all that significant, but when you put several together you have something truly special. This is my view of effective teamwork." -Photovoice Participant in 2021

Photovoice Challenge

Each month as we are focusing on a dimension of wellness, we challenge you to go into your community and notice where you see the different aspects of wellness and where you see a lack of that wellness. 

Share your photos with us using the hashtag #NWPhotoVoiceChallenge. If you would like you can include a description for your photos. They can be as abstract or straightforward as you would like. From the photos that we are tagged in we will pull some to share on this website. 

Monthly Schedule of the Dimensions of Wellness

Click on each to find more information on the Dimension of Wellness we will be covering each month. Each dimension will have either a Lunch and Learn Session or a Challenge. 

















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